The Busy Bodies Book Collection

 Busy Bodies is a series of six character-building books for children based on animal adaptations, human diversity and environmental education.  The Busy Bodies collection of books creates an environment rich in possibilities for exploring a wide range of topics.
 The series is designed so that each book has a different colored spine.  When the books are housed together they form a rainbow.  Each book also contains a small hidden animal on each page in a color that corresponds to the spine color.  Children are encouraged to look for the animal hiding within each illustration. 
 The Busy Bodies series is designed to help raise a child's level of awareness, understanding and tolerance of diversity.  The Busy Bodies collection of books provides an enjoyable opportunity for parents and children to share the excitement  of learning about the animal kingdom and human diversity.

In Memory of Donald Justin "DJ" Winson Pressley
   August 26, 1975 January 4, 2005
 My dearest brother, if I wrote you a book to tell you how much I loved you, the book would have no cover, because my love for you is boundless; the book would have no chapters, because my love for you has no beginning and has no ending; and the book would have no words, because losing you has left me speechless.
 DJ, you will forever be written into the pages of my life.

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