Girl Scout Badges

Robin has been involved in Girl Scouts since 1974.  She achieved the Cadette Girl Scout Silver Award and was the recipient of the Year 2000 Young Alumni Award from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh.


Pet Care Badge 
(Grades 2 - Adult)

An adventure in pet ownership!  Learn what animals make good pets and why others do not.  Meet exotic animals and find out which animals are legal as exotic pets in Georgia.  Learn about the special needs of many birds, mammals and reptiles.  Examine a few diseases that some pets can carry and transmit.  Learn how to train and communicate with pets.  Discover the importance of enrichment (mental stimulation) and learn about many toys and activities that can be applied to your pets at home.  


 Equine Encounter
 (Grades 3 - Adult)

Get those horsemanship badges ready!  An encounter with a rare black Arabian horse helps participants learn the basics of equine grooming, care, riding and training.  Learn all about saddles, bridles, proper horse handling techniques, horse safety and what it takes to be a riding instructor. This characher building program is a great photo opportunity.  This is an on-site program. 

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