Animal Adventures Presents:  Busy Bodies

This program is especially designed for ages three through five.  Students learn that animals are living creatures with many body parts similar to their own.  They also discover that animals use senses just like they do!  Basic animal adaptations are also explored. Through safe and educational animal encounters children discover that learning about the animal kingdom is fun 


Georgia Pre-K Quality Core Curriculum/Georgia Performance Standards

 All Animal Adventures, Ltd. programs meet Georgia Pre-K Bright from the Start Content Standards, Georgia Quality Core Curriculum Standards (GA QCCS) and Georgia Performance Standards (GPS). Listed below are sample GA Pre-K, GA QCCS (and GPS where applicable) for Kindergarten in Language Arts and Character Education for our Busy Bodies program.


Georgia Pre-K Bright from the Start Content Standards

Language and Literacy Development

LD1 Children will develop skills in listening for a purpose.

LD1d Listens to stories read aloud and shows understanding through body language or by interacting appropriately.

LD3 Children will develop an understanding of new vocabulary introduced in conversations, activities, stories or books.

LD3b Uses new vocabulary words correctly in the context of play or other classroom experiences.

Social and Emotional Development

SE3 Children will increase the capacity for self-control.

SE3b Follows rules and routines within the learning environment. (Audience Etiquette)

SE4 Children will develop interpersonal and social skills for relating with other members of the learning community.

SE4a Interacts appropriately with peers and familiar adults. (Audience Etiquette)

SE4b Begins to recognize the needs and rights of others. (Audience Etiquette)

SE4c Shows empathy and understanding to others. (Audience Etiquette)

SE4d Participates successfully as a member of a group. (Audience Etiquette)

Georgia Performance Standards - Grade K English Language Arts (ELA)


ELAKLSV1 The student uses oral and visual skills to communicate. The student

f. Increases vocabulary to reflect a growing range of interests and knowledge.

Georgia Performance Standards - Grade K Science


SKL1 Students will sort living organisms and non-living materials into groups by observable physical attributes.

b. Group Animals to their observable features such as appearance, size, motion, where it lives, etc. 

SKL2 Students will compare the similarities and differences in groups of organisms.

a. Explain the similarities and differences in animals (color, size, appearance, etc.)

Georgia QCC Standards Grade K

Subject: Character Education, Strand: Respect for Others, #11 Topic: Respect for Others

Standard: Altruism: concern for and motivation to act for the welfare of others.

11.3 Courtesy and Cooperation: recognition of mutual interdependence with others

resulting in polite treatment and respect for them (as related to audience etiquette).

Georgia Performance Standards Grade K Science

SKCS4 Students will use the ideas of system, model, change, and scale in exploring scientific and technological matters.

a. Use a model such as a toy or a picture to describe a feature of the primary thing.





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