Animal Adventure

(Ages 3 - Adult)

This is our most popular program!  Participants meet eight small exotic animals and explore interesting biofacts from around the world.  Students learn facinating facts about the food chain, endangerment, habitats and animal adaptations.


Busy Bodies

(Ages 3-5)

This program is especially designed for ages three through five.  Students learn that animals are living creatures with many body parts similar to their own.  They also discover that animals use senses just like they do!  Basic animal adaptations are also explored. Through safe and educational animal encounters children discover that learning about the animal kingdom is fun!

 Passport to Adventure 
(Grades K - 3)

We have packed our bags to take you on an imaginary trip around the world!  Travelers take an interactive journey as they dress in native costumes, meet wild animals and explore interesting biofacts.  This program is perfect for larger groups.

Radical Researchers

(Grades 6-8)

This program is a scientific adventure!  Students use the scientific method to study the behavior of two different animals (a reptile-an American alligator or an Egyptian uromastyx and a mammal-a chinchilla or a degu).  Students learn about the animals to be observed, then formulate a hypothesis, design a method to test it (one-zero sample method), and utilize sample ethograms to collect data while observing the animals in their tractable habitats.  Students then analyze the data, interpret the results and keep their data for further analysis, graphing results, or to write a scientific paper discussing their research.


Herbivores, and Carnivores, and Omnivores,

 Oh My!


This program includes a group of animals, model teeth, skulls and mandible fragments designed to reflect the diversity of the diet within the  animal kingdom. Included are three samples from each of the major groupings: herbivore, carnivore and omnivore. This program is ideal for the exploration and teaching of the differences and adaptability that occur in nature. Included are teeth from a hippopotamus, beaver, mountain gorilla, coyote, alligator, African lion, human, grizzly bear and baboon - each an excellent representative of its respective group.   Several animals from each of these catagories are included too!  Perhaps you will see a hungry Egyptian uromastyx eat some leafy greens, or a quick African hedgehog chase after his "buggy" breakfast.  This program is an efficient, exciting and thought provoking learning experience.

Adventure for Seniors

Enrich the lives of seniors with a vist from our exotic animal collection.  Your residents are encouraged to touch our animals and to share memories about past animals that have shared their lives.

 Cool Careers 
(Grades 2 - 6)

This program begins with an introduction of our live exotic animals.  Students learn that animals have important jobs in the wild and that people can have animal related careers.  Through the use of career props, uniforms and role-playing, students discover a variety of animal and non-animal careers that are important to a zoo's survival.  Participants discover that exploring careers in the animal kingdom is fun!

 Animal Encounter
(All Ages)

This programs is designed for your festival needs!  We present several exotic animals and biofacts in a booth-type setting.  Larger animals are rotated throughout the visit, while smaller animals remain on exhibit.  We also offer Animal Encounters for your special events.  Animal handlers mingle among guests offering wonderful photo opportunities, an opportunity to touch unique animals and ask questions about our tractable animal collection.  A great ice breaker and conversation starter!

 Muggles, Mammals, Magic & More!
(Grades 1 - Adult) 

Your new professor of zoology will arrive at your destination in her finest Hogwart's attire.  Look even closer and you might catch a glimpse of her Nimbus 2000, the flying broomstick that brought her to your door step.  The professor will cast a spell on audiences of all ages as she introduces exotic creatures that may be found in the literary pages of Harry Potter.

Dolphin Training Adventure

(Grades 3 - Adult)

An adventure in character building and a favorite of Girl Scouts!  Learn the "tricks" of training animals through positive reinforcement.  Students develop an understanding of the importance of respect, patience and goal-setting, while working with animals and each other.  Interactive role-paying and fun training games enable participants to use non-verbal communication to build healthy relationships.

Zoological Training Adventure

(Grades 8 - Adult)

An adventure in applied operant conditioning!  Guest lecturer will provide an interactive program based on the theory and principles of applied operant conditioning.  Participants discover how these techniques are applied to animal management in zoological and aquarium parks, and to animals in the wild.  This program is accompanied by a Power Point presentation with photographs and hands-on activities that bring these techniques to life.  This program is perfect for small psychology classes, a large university lecture series or as a corporate team building exercise.  Program length is from one to two hours.  This presentation is available worldwide.


This program is an interactive journey into classification!    Live animals and fascinating biofacts teach students how to classify mammals, birds and reptiles.  Students discover that form follows function within each classification!

Animal Activity

Find out why some animals sleep all day and other animals are awake only at dusk and dawn!  Students discover where animals hide when they are sleeping.  Participants compare animals and the adaptations that make them nocturnal, diurnal and crepuscular. 

An Exercise in Character Building

Through horsemanship students learn character building skills that are necessary in working with parents, teachers, friends and other living creatures.  Our equine ambassador teaches students the importance of Reliability, Trust, Confidence, Respect, Self-discipline, Persistence, Resourcefulness, Caring, Patience, Loyalty, Teamwork, Integrity, Creativity and Goal-setting. This program is available  at your location or on location in Newnan, Georgia.  Don't forget your camera ~ this is a great photo opportunity!


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