Setting Up an Altar

There are things that druids do agree on such as their spiritual connection to the living world, their respect for nature and finding inspiration from the druids of old.

Druidism is also a personal journey and many druids find it important to set up a shrine or altar, which is based on their own belief system within druidism.

The altar is a place where offerings are done for a specific purpose possibly.  A shrine is something different and is a place of spiritual significance where one respects or worships.  An altar may be placed near a shrine.

Druids often use the terms altar and shrine interchangeably.  In druidism though, the term altar is used more commonly.

Druids will make altars for various reasons.  It may be a special place that shows an outward expression of an inner spiritual journey.  For druids who have daily meditation an altar is a good place to visit for this.

An altar can also be used for items that have a special significance and can be items like feathers or stones and more objects can be included as one continues on a spiritual path. Just like when you enjoy horse racing betting and your skills evolve, your altar will grow with you.

How to Setup and Altar

Druids may use different areas for their altar such as a shelf or mantle or set aside a space indoors.  An outdoor space can also be used.  Some druids may have more than one space.

Altars may also change as one continues on a spiritual journey and as time goes by other druids or friends may give you objects or items that you can use on your altar.  The altar should change and evolve as you grow and is an important part of creating an altar.

Because druids are concerned about the environment it is important to use objects that do not impact the environment.  These objects should be grown, gathered or made and if gathering things from the environment it is important to ask for permission.

These permissions are in a spiritual sense and where an item originates or is found will in some way determine its energy.  An altar is also to be personal and should include personal items and may include things like shells, stones, woodcarvings, candles, various divination tools, incense or handmade objects.

There are many others, but these are just a few items.  You may also want to include a piece of artwork.

Adapting an Altar

An altar can also be seasonal and can include objects from nature from the different seasons or using cloths or items that are significant to a particular season.  Some druids may also change their altars to reflect each of the eight holidays or change it at the start of each of the four fire festivals.

Many druids also have an altar in their home that honours their ancestors; these can be family, ancestors of the land as well as ancestors of druids from the past.

The altar is also there to honour the spirit guides.  These altars may have a painting of spirit guides or photos of ancestors.