Popular Spells For Beginners

Wicca is a varied belief system, meaning that different sects have various understandings and spells that they use on a regular basis. Despite this, most Wiccans all make use of the same basic spells, which usually encompass protection, healing, love, success, and intuition.

For those who are looking to break into Wicca for the first time, these two spells tend to be the best way to begin to learn how spell casting works, and how it can benefit both the individual casting the spell and any third party that the spell is intended for.

With that in mind, these are the two most basic spells to learn for Wiccan newcomers looking to break away from conventions such as religion, Bible-based prayer, services, and even other every day fun activities like playing real slots NZ. Keep in mind that many of these spells can take some years to master, and it’s best to spend the necessary time preparing and practising.

1. Protection Spell

Perhaps the easiest to perform, and the best starter spell for beginners; this usually involves creating a circle of salt that can protect the Wiccan from evil spirits, energy, and entities. Practitioners will need a bag of salt and a full moon, as well as the full concentration on the spell.

  • Go outside during the full moon, starting at the front door
  • Sprinkle the salt in a clockwise motion around the house, making sure to avoid plants
  • While moving, state loudly, “pure salt protect this home and all who reside here. Keep out those who seek to harm, protect us from negatively, anger, and fear.”
  • Repeat as necessary until the ring of salt has been completed.

2. Love Spell

Love is one of the most sought-after emotions in the human world, and Wiccans pride themselves on being able to draw love into their life in different forms. Be warned that this is not aimed at those that hope to manipulate others into falling in love. During a quiet time, gather lavender, candles, and play some relaxing music.

  • Draw a bath and lay back in the hot water, allowing yourself to relax as much as possible, while also making sure the candles are lit
  • Visualise a sphere of white light surrounding you in the tub, which creates the cast circle, thus inviting the goddess into your space
  • Visualise the type of love that you want to enter your life, including images of yourself being happy and laughing
  • Repeat this phrase three times after a few minutes of visualisation: “I draw to me a pure and sweet love. One that will benefit me and my soul’s journey. To the benefit of all to harm none.”
  • Stay in the bath for as long as you like, ensuring that you’re staying relaxed throughout. Release the circle by visualising the sphere fading and the energy from within it taking up the now empty space.
  • Continue to visualise calm and happy scenarios of love and closeness.