What Magic is to the Modern Druid

Magic and its use is always a personal journey for each person, and we do not force strict must dos or don’ts on fellow Druids, but there are a few basic and fundamental principles to using magic.

Only by researching and studying can you try and get the full depth of knowledge of Druidism. But as long as we live, we will learn more as just like natures seasons, there is loss and renewal in all the seasons of our and our fellow human’s lives. Continue reading What Magic is to the Modern Druid

How to Choose the Right Crystal

Crystals have long been used as an aid to help the wearer clear negativity, attract love, protect and heal themselves. Charged with intention, the right crystal can help you navigate the personal journey ahead and support your efforts by creating positive changes in a specific area of focus.

Much like their human counterparts, each crystal has its own personality and characteristics that can help to inspire you to reach particular goals or achieve a heightened sense of self-awareness and healing. Continue reading How to Choose the Right Crystal