How to Choose the Right Crystal

Crystals have long been used as an aid to help the wearer clear negativity, attract love, protect and heal themselves. Charged with intention, the right crystal can help you navigate the personal journey ahead and support your efforts by creating positive changes in a specific area of focus.

Much like their human counterparts, each crystal has its own personality and characteristics that can help to inspire you to reach particular goals or achieve a heightened sense of self-awareness and healing.

Gathered below you’ll find a list of great crystals to choose from, depending on what you want to focus on or achieve. Whichever crystal you decide to choose, use it as a spiritual touchstone and energetic ally.

Crystals are a great holistic tool that will help you explore spiritual living, encourage mindfulness in your day-to-day life and re-calibrate your focus. They can bring you luck when you enjoy the online Blackjack Canada has to offer, or just offer a sense of peace and well being at all times.

Clear Quartz

If you’re searching for more clarity in your life, you should strongly consider getting a clear quartz crystal.

Clear quartz is the perfect stone if you are struggling with confusing or unclear situations as it helps you get a better perspective on what’s happening around you, giving you insight and clarity.

This crystal also has powerful cleansing properties, dispelling any negativity that could be responsible for clouding your outlook and perceptions.

The purifying energy of crystal quartz can be used to open up all of your chakras by removing blockages. Incorporate it into your daily meditation practice to encourage balance and openness.

Rose Quartz

Want to attract more love into your life? Well, look no further than rose quartz. This crystal ally is excellent in nurturing positive changes in your love life, attracting the kind of love you want and need.

This stone opens up the heart chakra by encouraging a greater sense of compassion which helps you to be more loving with yourself, your significant other, friends and family.

Black Tourmaline

Often times the hardest thing to do is to let go. If you’re searching for a crystal that will help you release your hold of negative emotions and memories, then black tourmaline is what you’re after. Black tourmaline aids in letting go of toxic people and painful memories.

Possessing powerful healing properties, it can cleanse the energy of your past so that you can refocus on your present.


Are you struggling with a creative block? Perhaps you’re looking to add some inspiration to your life. Aventurine is just the crystal you need to tap into your more playful and adventurous side.

By connecting with the unique energetic properties of aventurine, you’ll soon learn how to embrace the spark of spontaneity that resides in your heart chakra. This special stone will help you break out of the norm and find the inspiration you’ve been yearning for.


Pyrite is an excellent crystal ally if you want to invite more prosperity into your life. Want to finally start your own business, get that dream job or land that promotion?

Pyrite is the just the crystal you need to help you find the determination to follow through and reach your goals of prosperity.

This crystal encourages self-awareness and introspection by opening your eyes up to self-sabotaging behaviour.

Armed with a better understanding of how you’ve been limiting your own success, you can change your behaviour and open yourself up to a cosmic flow of abundance.