Commonly Believed False Facts About Druidry

Due to the fact that modern Druidry isn’t widely practised, and that it has a rather strange past, it’s easy for most people to brush it off as nothing more than a phase, despite it being a legitimate belief system.

Some people might even have fairly malicious beliefs about Druidry, and that it might ultimately cause more harm than good.

One of the best ways to learn more about a topic is by first removing old pre-conceived notions in terms of what the topic might actually be about, and then keeping an open mind while learning more about it. Here we will look at some commonly held beliefs about Druidry and why they are wrong.

Druids Are Devil Worshippers

While most Christians are generally good, noble people, there is a small minority that likes to make as much noise as possible, especially when it comes to different belief systems. Druidry is not exempt from this rule, and it’s very common for conservative zealots to decry Druidry as nothing more than the worship of idols, demons, and the devil himself, and basically another branch of Satanism.

Of course, this couldn’t be further from the truth, and Druidy has an ancient history that has very little to do with Christian or other religious beliefs. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the history of Druidry and why it really isn’t about worshipping any devils.

Druids Live In Forests

Due to the ideals of Druidry in which the natural world is an incredibly important part of the belief system, it’s widely believed that most druids live out in the forests among the trees. And while there certainly are subsets of Druidry that do, in fact, attempt to live as far away from society as they can, there are just as many druids that have adopted the belief system and made it a part of their modern lives.

This means that it’s easy to find Druidic groups that live in some of the biggest and busiest cities in the world and will only occasionally go out into nature whenever it’s most convenient.

They Performed Human Sacrifice

Another misconception about the druids, specifically the ancient druids, is that they regularly performed human sacrifice in order to appease their chosen gods. And while human sacrifice was closely associated with Druidry for many years, even by prominent historians, more recent evidence suggests that it was actually anti-druid propaganda set in place by other religious organisations in an attempt to demonise the druids and draw more people away from them.

From all accounts, they were an otherwise peaceful group that rarely engaged in any type of violence, and it’s part of why it works so well in our modern world of Netflix and the bingo Australia offers.

They Were All Men

Another common belief is that all druids were only men, and that women weren’t allowed to be druids. This is another misconception built on false truths, as there are many historical accounts of famous female druids that were often as beloved as their male counterparts.