Famous Druids From Throughout History

Druidry is by no means a new creation, having a history that spans centuries, even if the modern version that we’re familiar with is far different from what our ancestors once practised.

Throughout the ages, there have been a number of famous druids that left such a mark on the people and communities around them that they became legendary in their own right.

Here we will look at some of the most well-known druids from throughout history and how their feats would become the stuff of legends.

Godfrey Higgins

Godfrey Higgins was a famous English magistrate from the early 17th to late 18th centuries who became a voice for social reform within his home country of England.

He was known for being passionate about a number of subjects, including history, of which he wrote a lot about the ancient myths that his ancestors believed.

One belief that he held was that certain commonalities that are held among many different religions can actually be traced back to the lost city of Atlantis, although most of his claims are dubious at best.

Regardless, he adopted many Druidic practises in his time, and wrote extensively about the druids, their ways of life, and how they impacted the world, and is in modern times considered to be a neo-druid himself.

Erwan Berthou

Erwan Berthou was a French writer, language poet, and a neo-druid bard who helped bring more attention to the Druidic ways. Born in 1861 in France, he studied at the College of Lannion and then would go on to work as an engineer later in his life.

After being the navy for a total of five years and seeing much of the world, he finally returned home and began contributing to important magazines and other works at the time.

He continued his work as an engineer but would eventually join together with a group of other people who were seeking to create links with neo-druidism, specifically that which originated in Wales. He was an important part of the creation of the Gorsedd of Brittany, of which he would be the archdruid for 30 years in total.

Many believe that his contributions to the world of Druidry were vital in bringing it to the public and making it more accessible to different people, and even today in our modern world of smartphones and https://ausbet.net.au his legacy lives on.

Gwilherm Berthou

Born in the town of Paimpol, Berthou would become a chemical engineer and worked as a pharmacist for many years. He became known as something of a terrorist within France after attempting to start a militant group to try and take on the French state at the time.

Later on in his life he became associated with neo-druidism and the Celtic movements that were popular during this period and would contribute much poetry that was written in the Breton language. He studied the links between the ancient Celts and Hinduism, and would eventually become a notable bard among the Druidic circles that he was a part of.