Top 4 Druid Festivals Each Year

Often this modern life can lead to stress and hardships in your world, while practising Druidism can lead to a change in a person’s focus.

Druidism is a belief in Nature and the seasons as the flow year on year.

So each year Druids attend and participate in these Holy festivals, to ensure we express our love for nature and each other.

Though we can celebrate the full eight festivals in each year, we focus and give you details on the four main holy days celebrated, which are Samhain, Imbolc, Beltane and Lughnasadh.

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Often considered to just be Halloween or simply part of a superstitious Pagan religion, Samhain is celebrated each year on the 31st of October. This holy day celebrates and remembers the dead, our family and friends who have passed away.

On this day, the veil that separates our world from the one of the dead is at its thinnest, so that we blend with the world of the Faerie and we can connect with those departed. This day you can feel death as well as life, the ends of animals and nature and the beginning of new life.

How to celebrate Samhain:

  • A meditative walk through nature
  • Gather photographs of passed relatives and make an altar, and express you well wishes to them
  • Visit your departed relatives or friends in their cemeteries


This holy day is usually celebrated around about the 1st of February each year in the Northern hemisphere, and the 1st of August in the Southern Hemisphere. This day celebrates nature and spring, and the beginning of the growth we see in nature.

The beginning of spring is sacred to the Goddess Brighid, who will bless homes with her sacred cow, a cow is important as this is the season when cows will be readying themselves to calve.

How to celebrate Imbolc:

  • The man in the house should make a Brighid doll out of straw
  • Light bonfires, gather family and friends to share this new beginning together
  • Visit a natural spring or pool, and splash yourself to cleanse and purify yourself


This celebration of the beginning of summer usually happens on the 1st of May in the Northen Hemisphere and the 1st of November in the Southern Hemisphere.

This is the peak of fertility for nature and the world is full of rich life.

On this day, nine men light two bonfires using nine sacred types of woods and livestock are led between the fires, to bring blessings to the livestock and the following spring.

How to celebrate Beltane:

  • Prepare a basket filled with flowers and happy thoughts to give to a person in need of love and healing.
  • Wear flowers in your hair or make a wreath of flowers and feel the joy of nature
  • Dance wildly and wear bright clothes


This is the celebration of the end of summer, the beginning of autumn and is celebrated depending on your locations season cycle. Crops will be reaped at this time and there is a plentiful bounty that should be celebrated.

  • Decorate your home with handmade crafts to celebrate the outdoors
  • Use natures gifts from the garden and cook a feast
  • Bake bread from scratch to celebrate the harvest