How to Become a Druid and Follow Your Spiritual Path

Are you a Druid? Do you want to become a Druid? Does the path choose you or do you choose it? There is no one answer to these questions and as with all paths there will be many opinions.

People who feel that Druidry is part of who you are from birth, like your feet or your kidneys and others who believe that it is something you can come to at any time in your life.

You may already be practicing many of the beliefs that make up druidism without even realising that you have a label, or you may just want to know more.

The path to and through Druidism is a personal one and quite frankly there is no single correct path.

We all learn and develop differently, and I am one that likes to research, read and study. I like to see things in print, to be guided by those more experienced than I.

So, when I started my journey, I found the lack of information and books intensely frustrating, and a real barrier to my growth.

Yes, it’s a spiritual path, and yes, it is one where only you can cultivate this spirituality within, but isn’t it nice when there is someone or something to validate your experience as you go.

So here are some ways you can study, whether you are starting out, simply curious, or its all old hat to you and you simply want to expand your knowledge base.

The Options

Homebased Courses

Homebased courses allow you to work through the information at your own pace. You may choose how much detail you want to pursue and delve deeper as you feel your path opening in front of you.

You need to be cautious when taking a distance learning course as just about anyone can offer these now.

Make sure you feel comfortable with the organisation providing the course and that their vision resonates with your own.

Find an Order

It is recommended that rather than an individual teacher you should look for an ‘order’. A community of likeminded individuals who share the same spiritual path.

Here you will find a sense of place and many willing teachers. No person is immune to the need to feel important, and teachers are no different, and this can result in manipulation.

Rather have many teachers with a broad base of knowledge with whom you can develop.

Go Back to School

Finding schools used to be incredibly challenging, but many orders and some practitioners now offer classes.

This is great if you are the type of person who enjoys structure, and you have a mentor who’s there to support you whenever you need.

And, when its time to take a break and unwind, you can play slots NZ and test your new-found connection with the universe.

The Natural World

Nature is one of the foundations of Druidry, and nothing that you learn in a classroom can compare to what you will learn in nature.

Spend time under the stars learning the constellations, meditate in the open air, contemplate the running water, and observe animals and insects. Let these things open your mind and refresh your soul.