An Introduction to Plants used in Druidic Herbalism

Herbs have been used in natural medicine for thousands of years. Druidism has a rich history of using herbs in elixirs and tonics for medicinal purposes, to aid journeying through consciousness, and in rituals and magic.

Sadly, much of the herbal lore of old has been lost, but here are the most commonly recorded herbs used in medicinal tinctures.


Popular culture has reduced Mistletoe to a simple sprig to kiss under, but the truth is that Mistletoe is a powerful herb. Believed in the days of old to represent vivacity since it remained green through winter. Mistletoe was traditionally used to treat many ailments. Proof of its powerful healing abilities are now being studied by modern science for use in Cancer treatment.

Mistletoe has been shown to lower blood pressure possibly preventing strokes and heart attacks due to its anti-inflammatory properties. This same gift makes it magical at treating Arthritis.

NB: It is very important to ensure that you use the correct type as certain species can be toxic.


The protector herb common in incantations and offers on alters.

Vervain is a strong diuretic and is often used to assist with detoxing the body and mind. Its diuretic effects make it a powerful herb to use in liver and kidney cleansing. It helps to relive Bronchitis and works as an expectorant to help clear phlegm and ease breathing.  Often used to treat depression, Vervain stimulates the production of dopamine and serotonin so you can really enjoy playing real money pokies.

Club Moss

One of the oldest living plants, this fossil plants properties makes it a powerful treatment for Dementia and memory loss. Club Moss should only be collected by a high priest. It aids communion and is a powerful protector, which provides safety to the carrier. Drunk as a tea, Club Moss’ analgesic properties made it popular for treating post-partum pain.


Used to control infections on cuts and sores, Valerian is a powerful herb. When made as a tea it has a sedative effect and can be used to treat depression and aid sleep. Valerians wonderful anti-inflammatory properties make it an excellent migraine treatment. Its power to turn anything bad into good, Valerian will deter unwanted visitors and create harmony amongst loved ones.


Samolus is a powerful diaphoretic and was used in the treatment of fevers and infections. When used with other herbs, Samolus can aid with travel through consciousness.  Samolus only grows where the soil is in perfect balance. It grows in clumps, many plants in close proximity, but on closer inspection it is clear that each plant has its own space. Its growth pattern shows us our need for support, but that we require strength to stand alone.


Used to keep away spirits and for protection, Betony is commonly burnt at festivals. Effective for the treatment of nightmares and visions. An excellent medicinal plant, used in a poultice Betony can treat sore muscles, swelling and varicose veins.

As we have lost touch with our past it is important that those of us who do still practice record the uses of our most loved botanicals.

A word of warning. If you have only begun your journey into druidic herbalism, it is important that you do so under the guidance of a skilled teacher. You should never ingest or prescribe a herb unless you are 100% sure of its properties and the medical history of the user.