What Magic is to the Modern Druid

Magic and its use is always a personal journey for each person, and we do not force strict must dos or don’ts on fellow Druids, but there are a few basic and fundamental principles to using magic.

Only by researching and studying can you try and get the full depth of knowledge of Druidism. But as long as we live, we will learn more as just like natures seasons, there is loss and renewal in all the seasons of our and our fellow human’s lives.

What is magic to us?

Though magic is not mandatory for druids, and is a lesser known part of the religion, magic can be found in all aspects of life so it is definitely part of Druidism.

Magic can be found in so many ways, from watching the growth of a new bloom or in the thrill of placing a winning bet on horse racing betting sites, magic is in life itself. So find your magic in your life and work with it.

Magic is not thunderbolts and lightening, turning foes into toads or love potions. Magic is your last resort to solving an issue, with practical attempts at resolution always the first path chosen.

Wands can form a part of magics, as Druids consider trees to be most holy and sacred, so therefore a wand made out of a tree also contains that tree spirit, the Dryad.

Wands connect deeply with a druid or mage, and become a tool to spell making. There is a possibility that ancient druids believed they become a tree when they passed, so the use of sacred wood is important.

Types of spells:

Smudging – Used for purification and ceremonies, the popular thought is that a smudge stick should be made out of white sage. However when you become closer with nature and learn more, you will find that a smudge stick can be made out of many different types of plants and all for different reasons.

Connecting with trees – although this might not sound as impressive as thunder bolts and lightening, using mediation to connect with trees is magical and being able to work with tress is a blessing.

Medicine – making medicine out of natural elements and watching them heal, is magic happening right in front of your eyes. Of course picking random flowers and trying to heal with them would never work, but learning the magic behind each plant is wonderful but takes dedication to the the process.

Regeneration – by becoming part of the re growth and creating new life, this too is magic. Focusing on long term change, healing earth, plants, ourselves and connecting with nature is magic on a deeper level.

The crane bag – traditionally made out of the skin of a crane, it is not a requirement for modern druids, so either find a bag to keep your ritual items in or make one yourself. Crane bags are magic in themselves as they carry your ritual requirements and is the druids working tool for connecting and making magic.