Modern Druid Philosophy

A spiritual belief system is there to add value not only to our own spiritual lives but to the world, what does it matter if you are full of love and wisdom if you do not share and impact the world with that love and wisdom.

Your religion should be able to guide you through life, with counsel, inspiration and encouragement through the hardest parts of your life and the tragic events in life.

Druid philosophy

Our philosophical posture as Druids is to love and respect all life, from fellow man to each animal and every blade of grass. We revere the whole natural world as well as respect the modern world we live in. With all its newness and fun, from flying to Netflix, from cars to online blackjack games, we enjoy love and revere all forms of art and entertainment we have created.

By being reverent to towards fellow man and their love, we treat each other as sacred, and therefore we do our best to never harm our fellow man and their loves. This also applies not just to not hurting a person’s physical form but to our relationships, and sexual relationships.

Never confuse reverence with piousness or other puritanical religions, we love large and freely as Druids – so we are not prim and reserved with our love.

This reverence extends to all creatures, with many druids opting to be vegans, or supporting compassionate farming methods. We focus on actual real world issues though, so yes you could find a druid crushing a cockroach.

Similar to other religions, many Druids believe in causing no harm to any sentient creature, similar to the teachings of Mahtma Ghandi. So many modern Druids abstain from harming other and focus on peace. Even Julius Caesar wrote of the Druids avoiding all war attempts, rather settling their disputes any way they can without conflict. Druids were known to step in between warring parties, whose swords were drawn to settle the differences with no bloodshed, and the peoples listened to the Druids, as the Druids had wisdom, love and creativity to ensure they were heard.


Many modern druids follow one of our great Druid philosophers and teacher, Ross Nichols.  Ross Nichols always upheld the beliefs and doctrines of non violence and pacifism, putting peace and love for all above any other need. If you look at the fellow teachers in Druidism, like the author TH White, who wrote “Arthurian The Once and future King” they all support and believe the pacifist way of Druidism, with peace being the main goal of their teachings.

Often in movies or popular books, Druids are depicted as bloodthirsty maniacs, using their magic to overthrow kings and commit evil deeds. This couldn’t be further from the truth, and if you spend time gaining wisdom form the teachers in Druidism you will see the goals are clear. Druids strive to love, to gain wisdom through learning and to be creative and to enjoy the beauty of creativity.