Prayer and Devotion on a Druid’s Spiritual Journey

A very important part of a Druid’s spiritual journey is prayer and devotion.  There are no particular prayers that are prescribed and Druids may use their own prayers, those that feel right for them.

These prayers will change with circumstances, changes in one’s life and even different prayers for the seasons.

Prayer can involve chanting, singing or speaking.  There can also be periods of silence and prayers and devotions can also involve meditation and other rituals like lighting candles or incense.

Prayer is the service of love and can include various things such as blessings, movements or gestures; it is not always just about words.

For many people, prayer is about asking for things or just as a habit.  For Druids it is also part of their ancestral heritage as well as to give thanks.

For most, gratitude is the main objective of prayer and it is not only about asking for things.  Prayer is not about bargaining or black magic and should never weaken a person.  Prayer is about holding things in one’s heart.

Praying to Ancestors

Ancestors and prayer form an important part of Druidism.  Druids can pray across time and through time and can also receive prayers from others.

Prayer involves drawing on the prayers of ancestors when praying to them, which means the ancestors can reach through and get passed the place where one is stuck and can send spirits, which can find you and send up prayers.

On days when you are feeling stronger it is also good to pray for descendants and leave markers and handholds for when they are in need of help.

Praying for others is part of prayer and remembering them in their times of trouble.  When praying, but not sure about permission then ask the spirits to show you what someone needs or if they are feeling fear or grief.

Keep these in your heart and then pray for what they need most.  Then release it and let the help come.  Praying may cause interference, so it is best to know when to let go and focus on something else, like the has to offer, exercise or a simple thing like eating or drinking well.

Praying for Others

Praying for others can be done by leaving an opening for them and asking that the person you are praying for will receive what they need.

When looking at prayer for someone else look at that person as one who has great potential and that their original nature will be awakened and raise up their soul even though they may be despairing.  Praying for that person as if they could feel what they need and then receive it.

Prayer is like ripples in a pool that spread to each side of the pool, and then returns to its origin.  Prayer is something invisible and you can do the first step, but then to know when it is time to step away and let the spirits do their work.