Druidism And The Importance Of Senses

Druidism is a belief system that encompasses a number of different rituals, prayers, and other aspects, each as important s the last. One that sometimes isn’t always considered by those that are new practitioners of Druidism is the importance of senses and how they can make a big difference to understanding the nature around us. Our senses are our connection to the world, to nature, and to those around us. Being able to adapt to the situation by making use of your senses, while also finding peace and solace in the world around you is a vital step when walking the Druidic path, and one that all new druids will need to try and perfect as they go forward.

Joining an Order

For many, becoming a druid might mean having access to other people with the same beliefs, all of which can be much easier to accomplish when simply joining one of the dozens of Druidic orders that can be found across the world. This is a question that all new druids will need to ask themselves, as it can very much depend on what one wants to gain from Druidism, and whether there is space in their life for more people as sometimes it’s better to walk a path alone for a while.

One benefit of being part of an order is having more time with those that are more deeply connected with the nature around them, as well as the chance to learn how to replicate that with your own senses in a slow and healthy way. Orders are perfect for beginners that need a solid foundation when first starting out, and can offer big bonuses for you the long term.

Alternatively, doing the necessary research online can be just as effective, especially for those that find themselves to be quite introverted and don’t wish to meet too many people at a single time.

Going Out Amongst Nature

Getting in touch with your senses can easily be done in a more timely fashion by going out into the nearest area that’s mostly nature, whether it’s a local woodland, forest, national reserve, or park. The natural world is where we originally came from, and it’s where we are meant to spend some time every now and again, and much more so if you live in a busy city. Building a connection with nature, recognising how important it truly is, and always making the time available to go into nature as often as possible is absolutely vital for anyone on the Druidic path.

Once out there, it’s just a matter of experiencing all the different stimuli that nature has to offer. This can be in the form of going around and picking wildflowers to find out what they small like, or gently touching the various lichens growing on trees to experience their unique textures. These are all smaller parts of a long and natural journey that all druids need to take before they are able to understand the many positive messages offered by the order.