The Seven Gifts of Druidism

The trouble with modern life is that we have disconnected almost entirely from nature, so much so that we may not survive as a species on this planet.

As such, there is an urgent need for spiritualities, ideas, and philosophies which will put us back in touch with Nature and the Old Ways – modernised for today’s use – offers just what is needed.

Druidism is one such Old Way which has successfully evolved to be fitting for today and brings with it 7 gifts to our modern world.

The 1st Gift: Philosophy

The philosophy of Druidism highlights just how sacred life is and our integral part in the web of creation.

Druidry focuses on the preservation and protection of the environment and offers an outlook which is ecological, geocentric, pragmatic, spiritual, and romantic.

Spirit and matter are not separated in Druidism and a sensuous spirituality which celebrates life is offered.

The 2nd Gift: Nature

Druidism contains a set of rites and practises which help one feel in touch with Nature, our ancestors, our bodies, and our sense of spirit through working with plants, animals, and stones.

Each year is given structure by eight seasonal celebrations which help us stay attuned to the natural cycle and develop a sense of community.

The 3rd Gift: Healing

There are many Druidic practises which promote healing and ignite rejuvenation through the use of spiritual and physical methods passed down through the ages by our collective ancestors.

These methods are used in a holistic way to encourage longevity and spiritual and physical wellness.

The 4th Gift: Life’s Journey

Much like successful NZ betting can be life affirming, the journey of life is affirmed in Druidism through rites of passage such as the blessing and naming ceremonies of children, marriage ceremonies, death rites, as well as initiation ceremonies which are helpful to ritually and symbolically mark our passage from one stage of life to another.

The 5th Gift: Other Realities

Druids explore other realities, states of consciousness, and the Otherworld through meditation, visualisation, and shamanic journeying.

These explorations are aided by ceremony, music, chanting, and sweathouses, and even though these practises are present in other spiritual traditions, these rites are all grounded in specific Druidic imagery and tradition.

The 6th Gift: Our Potential

The way in which Druidism is practised today offers a path of self-development which encourages the discovery of creative potential, psychic and intuitive abilities, as well as intellectual and spiritual growth.

Many of the Druidic rites and practises focus on poetry and song and the creative process is stimulated through sensory deprivation.

The 7th Gift: Magic

Druidism focuses on guiding its participants in the art of being open to the magic of being alive, the art of turning ideas into manifestation, and the art of discovering the quest for wisdom, healing, and inspiration.

Through exploring and accepting the 7 gifts of Druidism, individuals can focus on becoming happy, fulfilled, enlightened people who bring positive change to the people around them and the world in which we live.

As English author and esotericist John Michell stated: “…it is by no means impossible to regain in the present age the spirit of original Druid philosophy.

It is essential indeed to do so, for a revival of the old Druidic way of thought, acknowledging the sanctity of the living earth and all its creatures, seems the only alternative to planetary dissolution.”