The Significance of Trees

The Druids as well as many other people believed that particular trees were especially important not only for practical use such as fuel, building materials and making weapons but they also had a spiritual presence.  The trees are living things and are filled with energy and the essence of nature and will have an aura that can be visible to those who have total balance and harmony.  These trees also held healing properties.  Each tree is also associated with a month during the year.


The Alder was a sacred tree and was used to make whistles.  The bark can be made into tea used for diarrhoea, coughs, toothaches and helping for pain during childbirth.  When made into a potion it can be used for eyes, poison ivy, swellings and sprains.


Birch is used for protection rituals, creativity, exorcism, fertility and birth and for healing.  It is also used for warding off the evil eye and protecting babies from psychic harm.  Birch is also planted around homes for protection against lightning.  Taking birch bark off a living tree will kill it.  Birch leaves are helpful for kidney and bladder stones and used to treat baldness.  Tea made from the inner bark helps with rheumatoid pain and to help with sleeping.


Rowan is used for divination, protection, healing, spirits of the dead, psychic energies and personal power rituals.  The Rowan twigs are used for protection of ships and homes.  Using them to make walking sticks will offer protection from harm.  Useful for irritable bowels and the juice is used as a laxative.  The berries (never the seeds) are used for grouse, cedar waxwings and other birds for food.


Oak also known as “The King of the Grove” is an important tree for Druids and is used for protection, strength, healing, fertility, money, health and good luck rituals.  It may not bring luck for things like getting the best AFL betting tips, but it is considered a spiritual tree that harbours great fortune of another kind. Acorns should be harvested during the day and the acorns at night.  The rituals are also used to attract the opposite sex.  The tea made from the Oak is good for haemorrhoids and tea made from White Oak bark helps with sinus congestion.  Acorns can be peeled and used to make potions for alcoholism, bad breath and constipation.


Hazel is used in rituals for manifestation, contacting spirits, protection, prosperity, dreams, marriage reconciliation and fertility.  Also known as the “Tree of Immortal Wisdom” Hazel is used in asking for wisdom and inspiration for poetry.  It is also used for protection against lightning.  Hazel nuts given to a bride will help with a happy marriage.  Sleeping under a Hazel will induce vivid dreams.  Druids make wands from Hazel wood and use them for uncovering ley lines. It is used for drainage and helps with good lung function.  The nuts are a healthy food source and helps with coughs when mixed with water and honey.


Mistletoe is a vital tree and is believed by the druids to be the entrance into the supernatural.  It is mostly used for protection and healing and for dreams that will reveal the secrets of immortality.  It is used in making of ritual tools and magical rings.  The berries are made into love incenses.  Mistletoe is hung over babies’ cradles and protects them from being stolen. It can be used to soothe muscles and helps with low blood pressure.  It can induce menstruation and has been shown to be successful in treating tumours in some animals.

These are just a few trees that druids make use of for healing and are used in their rituals.