Three Druid Goals

While often people believe Druids believe in crazy rituals and strange ideas, we have a basic three goals for our lives that we live by and cultivate. These are wisdom, love and creativity, with our successive rebirths allowing us to develop these goals and ensure that we grow them in each lifetime.


Many teaching stories used by Druids, show not just the virtues of helpfulness and innocence but how to gain the wisdom many seek. The general image one thinks of when you think of a Druid is a wise bearded older man, and wisdom is incorporated into the name Druid – with Dru originating from an ancient word meaning tree/root and the id coming from the term for sight. So the meaning of Druid is a wise tree, so wisdom is the root.

Many religions focus on enlightenment rather than wisdom, but enlightenment seems to be something to attain, perhaps a future goal that might only be reached in Nirvana or if you win big using something like online slots for real money in Canada etc. These are great goals to strive towards but the search for wisdom is something that can be taught, grown and carried forward through life as you go, and never lost.


Long have Bards been considered an integral part of Druidry, and with their creativity possibly used in the olden days to pass on the words and knowledge of Druids. Bards used their skills to not only recite the long histories, stories or lineage of Druids and landscapes but to also make new songs or stories (chart topping catchy hits of their day).

Creativity is highly treasured and cultivated in Celtic cultures, with this appreciation of beauty and art bringing awareness of the otherworld. Becoming a part of the world of Druidry is a way to connect more to your creativity and enhance it, share it and grow it.


Love is huge part of Druidry, with the aim to grow and broaden our love in as many ways as possible, both in experiencing it and understanding the many types of loves there are.

Our reverence for Nature means we have a deep love for the land we live on, and the entire earth, the night sky and all that nature has to offer. Druids belief in love means they are a peaceful people, and peace is often our first offering in any ceremony we do.

There are many types of love, from the love of nature to the love of ancestors, our history and past. Druids have a deep love for trees, and planting them is considered an act of love. As well as a love for nature is a love for fellow people, your own sexuality and the belief that both your own body and other peoples bodies are sacred objects.

Another important type of love is the love of Truth. As you search for wisdom, you will need to love truth in order to learn as much as you can on your quest for wisdom.