What You May Not Know About The Druids

When people hear “druid,” they may picture either form of The Wicker Man, or possibly a gathering of radicals outside of Stonehenge. Notwithstanding, the historical backdrop of the druids ranges back millennia.

Having said this, let’s take a look at some things that you may not know about them.

Celtic Culture

The expression “druid” applies to the leaders inside the Celtic culture. The Celts were a group that was fanned out across western Europe and are typically connected with Great Britain and Ireland.

Interpret That

Druid” comes from the Latin word “druides,” which is found in the Ancient Greek language. The Romans appear to have acquired this word by attempting to decipher it from a unique Celtic word. At the point when separated, the word signifies “oak-knower” or “oak-soothsayer,” but at the same time, it can reference a magician.

Composed by the Victors

Most insight into Druidry (as it’s frequently called) comes from recorded archives composed by the Ancient Romans, and later by the Christians. This places history aficionados in a terrible spot, in light of the fact that the Celts and Romans were continually at battle with one another, and the Christians would retain the vast majority of Celtic culture. The Romans and Christians couldn’t really be trusted to give a fair-minded record of the Celts, so we want to believe their opinion with some hesitancy.

Shrewd Cookies

The presence of stone circles that include Stonehenge proposes that they were advanced manufacturers. This implies they would have had incredible design and numerical abilities. Except if, obviously, you think that Stonehenge has a more unusual back story.

Know Your Place

The residence for druids was separated into different areas. The Bards were accused of safeguarding the music and accounts of their general public. The Ovates specialized in medication, and furthermore went about as telepaths.


One well-known illustration of a druid is Taliesin. As per what little we are understanding of Taliesin, he was a well-known performer who sang for something like three British rulers. As the years continued, he’s turned into an incredible figure related to Bran the Blessed, and possibly, King Arthur.

The Gods Want Blood

At the point when they expounded on the Celts, the Romans frequently remarked on their ceremonies of human penance to the divine beings. There is space for contention regarding the matter, however, the druids would be accountable for renouncing to various divine beings in various ways. One God needed men to be hanged, while one more demanded suffocating them.

Merlin the… Druid?

Many individuals know about Merlin being a thespian or a wizard, however, there’s a hypothesis that Merlin was driven by the druids. His depictions share attributes with the druids.

There’s Still Much That We Don’t Know

The druids are a fascinating ancient group of people that had many people debating the legality of the religion. Fast forward a couple of centuries later and the world is still perplexed by them. We hope that this has opened your eyes to a world unknown.