Why So Many People Are Becoming Druids

In the last 100 years, thousands and thousands of people have banded together across the world and revived a belief system that was once completely gone. Druidry is quite unique compared to other belief systems in that many millennia ago, it was all but wiped from the face of the earth, and much of what we know about Druidry in the modern age is based off third hand accounts.

Yet more and more people are adopting Druidic values into their lives, and it continues to swell with new members every passing year. While it might not have the growth rates of Islam or Christianity, there’s no denying that Druidism is becoming more and more popular. Let’s look at why more people than ever are deciding to choose the Druidic path.

A Reconnection With Nature

The natural world is suffering greatly, and there are many people in the world that believe that our loss of connection with nature is one of the reasons that greed and consumerism has become so prevalent in the modern age.

It’s also believed that one of the only real cures to the many problems that we’re facing today is to try and reconnect with nature; to understand that we are part of the natural world rather than against it, which is one of the most fundamental tenets of Druidism.

As people across the world try and connect with the nature that they have around them, few other systems of belief help them realise that dream.

A Sense Of Community

Human beings are not designed to wander the earth alone, and one of the great joys in life is being a part of a community whose members share the same values. When it comes to Druidism, the value of the deep love of nature and the practising of specific rituals within the belief system is a problem motivator for those that want to seek like-minded people.

For many, it’s not always so much about becoming a recognised Druid but being able to be a part of the Druidic community and to be with people that share a similar vision. Druidism promotes peace, learning, and a oneness with the environment around us, and it’s these concepts that many feel are missing from other popular belief systems and religions.

The Artistic Journey

A huge part of Druidism is centred around the creative arts, such as making music, drawing, painting, building; anything that’s about expressing one’s inner creativity. In fact, the ancient druids were well-known for being extremely talented artists, and it’s something that many modern Druids highly value in Druidism and will work hard to bring their unique creations into the world and to spend time with those that have similar visions.

In our modern world of smartphones, Netflix, Australian sports betting online, and other great conveniences, it’s sometimes nice to be able to escape to nature every now and again, which Druidism can accommodate well.